The new plan of the parliament: publishers of fake news will be punished

The new plan of the parliament: publishers of fake news will be punished

Recently, the spokesperson of the Legal and Judicial Commission of the Islamic Council has announced that this commission has approved a new plan regarding the legal and judicial follow-up of the spread of fake news in cyberspace and the punishment of its publishers.

punishment of fake news publishers; The new plan of the Law Commission of the Parliament

It has been a while since various institutions, including the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space and the Judiciary, have been seeking approval and implementation of a plan to prosecute fake news and criminalize its publication. As we said, Kazem Delkhosh, the spokesman of the Parliament’s Legal and Judicial Commission, in an interview with Tasnim news agency, announced the preparation of a new plan for the legal follow-up of the spread of fake news in cyberspace:

“Today, the virtual space has become a platform where any person publishes news in any title without knowing whether it is true or not, or there are those who create news and rumors for their own purposes, who should be held accountable for their action.

The Judicial Commission of the Parliament has prepared and developed a plan that anyone who publishes false news or exaggerates it in cyber space should be held accountable for their actions in court, and this issue does not distinguish between individuals or media and includes everyone.

He clarified that in this plan, heavy punishments have been planned for people and media who spread false news and cause public anxiety so that they will not commit this act again: “It is not true that anyone creates false news in the society. Inflame and then get out of the situation without paying the price.”

Delkhosh also stated that such laws exist in all countries of the world and our country should enact such laws in order to prevent the spread of false news in cyberspace: “In recent incidents, we have seen too much spread of false news. We were in cyberspace when people published the news without investigating whether it was true or not, which caused the atmosphere of the society to be inflamed.

How serious is this plan?

As the spokesperson of the legal and judicial commission of the parliament has announced, this plan has been approved by the legal commission and will soon be put on the agenda of the public forum of the Islamic Council. Of course, there is also a possibility that this plan will come to the public arena urgently and its task will be clarified sooner than it seems. We have to wait and see what the details of this plan are and how it is measured and implemented, and whether it will be implemented or not.

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