The new studio Maverick Games was founded by the former creators of Forza Horizon

The new studio Maverick Games was founded by the former creators of Forza Horizon

Several of the creators of Forza Horizon 5 have left Playground Games to start a new studio.

Introducing the senior members of Maverick Games studio

According to Wccftech website, this AAA studio will be managed by Forza Horizon 5 creative director Mike Brown. Veterans such as Tom Butcher (Executive Producer), Matt Craven (Chief Technology Officer), Gareth Harwood (Content Director) and Fraser Strachan (Sound Director) have also joined the studio to develop a quality game. Ellie Marshall (former design director at EA), Ben Penrose (art director) and Hrinka Sanka (former COO at Sumo Digital) are also confirmed to be in the studio.

Establishment of Maverick Games studio

Mike Brown, the founder of “Maverick Games” studio, released a statement about the studio’s priorities in the future:

Our goal is to make Maverick Games a company people love. We have good news for players, our studio is working on an exciting title of great quality. At this studio, we encourage developers to take risks, be creative and curious, innovate, and most importantly maverick to be

For more information about Maverick Games, players can visit Its official website refer to

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