The new WhatsApp beta allows you to send messages without having to save your mobile number

بتای جدید واتس‌اپ امکان ارسال پیام بدون نیاز به ذخیره شماره موبایل را فراهم می‌کند

WhatsApp has recently begun releasing new features that bring an improved user experience to users. The new WhatsApp beta update introduces a new feature that allows you to select new options by touching the number one of the user, and you can send a message to the user without having to save the SIM card number.

WhatsApp Messenger recently announced that it has added new features to its voice messaging section.

Update WhatsApp beta and display new options by touching the number

Based on Report WhatsApp has released a new beta update in the Play Store with a version Available to users. Users who volunteer for the WhatsApp beta update project can access this update. New feature added to this update New shortcuts Displays a number after touching it.

Fortunately, WhatsApp is paying attention to the needs of users, and finally the application features are being released in these popular messengers. You probably know that in current versions of WhatsApp, after touching a number to Phone dialer app You transfer yourself.

WhatsApp new beta update

This feature now works differently. The screenshots above show what happens in the new WhatsApp beta update after touching a user’s phone number. If a user is not present in these messengers, after touching their number, there are two options to add them to the contact list or making contact They are offered with him. If this user is on WhatsApp, you can Chat option Choose with him.

Note that this feature is not yet enabled for all users; But it will be released in the public version soon and you can use it.

What do you think about adding this feature to WhatsApp?

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