The next generation iPad Pro will likely be introduced with a glass back panel and a Mag Safe system

نسل بعدی آیپد پرو احتمالا با پنل پشتی شیشه‌ای و سیستم مگ سیف معرفی می‌شود

According to reports, the next generation iPad Pro may be the first Apple tablet to support MegSaf wireless charging. For this reason, it is possible to change the material of the back panel from aluminum to glass to prevent magnetic interference. Also, the development of a new version of the iPad mini has been designed openly and without a Home key in Apple applications.

After the Corona epidemic, tablet users’ popularity has increased dramatically. Apple is also trying to meet the needs of a wider range of users by equipping its iPads with the powerful M1 chip. The iPad Pro is now a powerful device that offers the same processing power as laptops, but still lacks some of the basic features like wireless charging that can be seen even in other competitors’ flagship phones. Now it seems that Apple has decided to fix the lack of wireless charging in the next generation iPad Pro.

News Agency Bloomberg A source close to Apple has reported that the tech giant is working to support wireless charging on the iPad Pro 2022. It is also rumored that Apple is trying to replace the standard aluminum back panel on the iPad with glass to allow wireless charging. Changing the materials used to make the iPad Pro could bring its design closer to recent generations of iPhones.

Apple is said to be using MagSefe technology to wirelessly charge the iPad Pro, but its power is limited to 15 watts. Obviously, this amount is not enough for a powerful iPad battery, and it is still preferable to use a USB-C or Lightning cable. According to the published report, in the next generation iPad Pro, we will see the use of Thunderbolt port again. Apple is also developing reverse or dual-charging technology in its tablets, which may be used to charge the AirPad or even the iPhone. Of course, in the past, rumors about reverse charging were spread on iPhone 11 and 12, but such a feature was never officially introduced.

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Apple has also taken a look at the iPad mini series, the new generation of which will enter the market later this year. The next version of the iPad mini will have narrower margins and will probably no longer accept the Home key. If Apple uses such a design, for the first time in the last 6 years we will see a new look in the iPad mini. No further details have been released about the hardware of the new Apple iPads, but we expect the M1X chip to be present in the new iPad Pro.

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