The next generation Xiaomi Redmi Note series will probably use 120 watt charging technology

دوربین ردمی نوت ۱۰ پرو در بررسی DxOMark بالاتر از آیفون SE ۲۰۲۰ قرار گرفت

A well-informed market source on China’s Weibo social network says that the next generation of the Redmi Note series will use 120-watt charging technology. Earlier, some other informed sources had mentioned such an issue.

Currently, only two companies, Xiaomi and Vivo, offer 120-watt fast charging technology, and Xiaomi also launched its 11T series stands.

For the first time, the Digital Chat Station account on China’s Weibo social network revealed a few months ago that fast-charging technology will also be available for the Redmi Note series. Now this revealer in Weibo social network He once again confirmed that this technology will come to the future phones of this series.

According to him, the best phone in this series has 120 watt charging technology Will be equipped. The successor to the Redmi Note 10 series will most likely be called the Redmi Note 11. However, given that Xiaomi intends to remove the “May” brand from its product names, it is not possible to confirm the future name of the phones in this series.

It should also be noted that this credible whistleblower has talked about the Chinese version of this phone. It should be noted that the last two generations of this series were sold in China and international markets in different options. Therefore, this device can be known by another name outside the Chinese domestic market and have different specifications.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G is currently the fastest Xiaomi device in the series in terms of charging, with support for 67-watt charging technology. This phone is sold in some markets as Poco X3 GT.

Xiaomi has recently introduced significant devices such as the Redmi Note 10 Lite and the Xiaomi CIVI. The Chinese tech giant even plans to unveil the Black Shark 4S gaming phone next week. On the other hand, it was announced yesterday that the “Redmi K40S” was facing problems due to a lack of chips.

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