The number of Safari users reached 1 billion; Chrome is still the most popular browser

تعداد کاربران سافاری به 1 میلیارد رسید؛ کروم همچنان محبوب‌ترین مرورگر

According to recent reports, Safari browser Apple Now by over 1 billion The user is used, but it seems that Apple has reached this figure long before the reports.

It is worth mentioning that Safari, because it is the default browser of all Apple products, has been able to attract a significant number of users, so that according to current statistics, the number of Safari users is over one billion.

Referring to Research done By AtlasVPN, About 1,006,232,879 Internet users use Safari browser to browse cyberspace. Safari is the second browser in terms of number of users and market share.

Additional information on the number of Safari browser users

Of course, there are still doubts about the accuracy of this statistic and whether Safari really managed to reach the turning point of one billion users or not. AtlasVPN also has benchmarks for calculating the number of users of each browser World Stats In the field of Internet combined with market share statistics of each browser in April.

Of course, the doubts also arise from the fact that the World Stats data related to the date of January 10, 1400, are not very accurate and can not be relied on much.

Safari browser reaches 1 billion users

However, AtlasVPN determined through this method that Google Chrome With 3.3 billion User in the first place, Microsoft Edge With 212.7 million User in third place and Mozilla Firefox With 179 million The user is in fourth place, followed by Internet users Samsung And users Opera Are located.

Finally, it should be noted that in a separate report released last month, Safari apparently gave way to Microsoft Edge browser with a very small difference, the interesting thing is that the latest versions of Edge browser are also based on Chromium Google Made.

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