The number of views of the tweet appeared on Twitter

The number of views of the tweet appeared on Twitter

Perhaps one of the main features that Twitter lacked and its users always suffered from was not understanding the visibility of their tweets. Although after a while you could see the statistics of your tweet reactions in a separate section, but it was not displayed in a concise and useful way under your tweet. But now Your number of visitst has been displayed on Twitter for some Twitter users.

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The number of tweet views on Twitter

On December 1 of this year, Musk promised that the feature would be rolled out to “all tweets and the same way view counts are shown for all videos.” An announcement he repeated a week later, adding that it would come in “a few weeks.”

A Verge staffer noticed a counter when he clicked on his posts. While a few other Twitter users have also reported getting the feature, it doesn’t seem like it’s available to everyone yet (for example, at the time of writing, it’s currently showing views on tweets other than videos. I do not see). My other colleagues also say that they are currently unable to see the number of views on other users’ tweets.

The number of views of the tweet appeared on Twitter

In its current state, this feature does not provide any new information. It’s been a long time since you’ve been able to turn on your tweet analytics for your account and see how many “reactions” your tweets have had. However, doing so requires clicking the Analyze button. The counter display puts it right in your face.

It’s unclear whether Musk intended for users to be able to see how many other people’s tweets were viewed. It looks like you should be able to see how many views other people’s tweets have had. Musk hasn’t tweeted about the feature recently.

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