The number of YouTube video and music subscribers has exceeded 50 million

تعداد مشترکان سرویس ویدیو و موزیک یوتیوب از مرز ۵۰ میلیون کاربر گذشت

According to Google, the number of YouTube video and music subscribers has now reached more than 50 million users. The last report of the search engine giant dates back to December 2020, which reported a figure of 30 million users.

Of course Google your statistics in general announced, So it is not clear how many of the 50 million users of the YouTube video service and how many subscribers of YouTube Music. Additionally, some users may be using a one-month free trial subscription. However, Google’s video service blog post focuses more on the music section, citing it as the fastest way to share music.

also Another report It compares YouTube statistics with other similar services. According to the report, Spotify has about 165 million subscribers Financial Times About 78 million users also use Apple Music.

YouTube Music subscription costs $ 9.99 per month, and the service allows users to listen to and download their favorite music without any ads. The YouTube subscription is priced at $ 11.99 per month and allows users to access the YouTube Music service as well as watch and download regular videos. Subscribers to this service can also play videos in the background of their phone when using other applications or locking their phone.

Google did not say in its statement why it had increased its 20 million subscribers to the latest figures, but it should be noted that last year’s number was just when Google shut down its Play Music service. .

Without going into more detail, it is not possible to say exactly what this statistic means to Google. Have more people used the YouTube video sharing service, or are users looking for an alternative to Spotify or Apple Music?

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