The Nvidia RTX 3090 Super graphics card with 10,752 Koda cores will be introduced this year

کارت گرافیک انویدیا RTX 3090 Super با ۱۰,۷۵۲ هسته کودا امسال معرفی می‌شود

Nvidia is likely to unveil a new flagship graphics card later this year to take Intel more seriously. This product, called Nvidia RTX 3090 Super, will have more than 10,000 Coda cores and a thermal design power of more than 400 watts.

Intel wants to have a stronger presence in the graphics market from next year, which is why it will launch independent ARC graphics cards. Intel’s first flagship is expected to beat the RTX 3070, but in the future it will probably be able to compete with Nvidia’s most powerful graphics.

Now it seems that Nvidia wants to unveil a new graphics card by the end of this year, in order not to give Intel such an opportunity. The GA102-based GeForce RTX 3090 with 10,496 Coda cores is currently the Nvidia flagship with Ampere architecture. But in the future, a new version will come.

According to an informed source with a Twitter account «Greymon55The Nvidia RTX 3090 Super uses 10,752 Koda cores and has a thermal design power of over 400 watts, which is 50 watts higher than the reference version of the RTX 3090. No further details have been released about this product, but its memory configuration is expected to be different from the RTX 3090. So we will not face an Ampere-based Titan graphics card.

Nvidia, meanwhile, may unveil the graphics card by the end of this year, working on its next-generation GPU, the Ida Lovelace. The next generation of the company’s graphics with its new architecture is expected to arrive in late 2022.

With Intel entering the graphics card market, competition in this market will be heavier than ever, and Nvidia and AMD, which have dominated the market for years, must be prepared for a new competitor. This competition, which will benefit the consumer, can mean increased power as well as lower prices.

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