The occurrence of a security incident in Reddit and the theft of the source code and internal information of the platform

The occurrence of a security incident in Reddit and the theft of the source code and internal information of the platform

Reddit is the most popular online social network recently Reported a security incident in which unknown hackers were able to gain access to internal documents, source code and some business systems of this platform. Reddit attributed the problem to a sophisticated and targeted phishing attack that targeted the company’s employees on February 5.

In this attack, hackers sent malicious phishing links in an attempt to steal the login details of the Reddit portal platform account and 2FA password. It is said that the password and login details of a Reddit employee were stolen using this method and enabled hackers to gain access to Reddit’s internal systems.

The victim employee has reported this hack and unauthorized access. Despite this news, Reddit has stated that there is no evidence that users’ personal data was compromised and there is no security flaw in their production and development system. In this regard, it has also been said that there is currently no sign of the stolen information being published online.

Reddit security incident

In this regard, Reddit stated that the information stolen in the recent security incident included limited contact information of hundreds of current and former employees of the company and limited contact information of advertisers. Additionally, Reddit reported similar phishing attacks without providing details, but did not disclose whether hackers gained access to the source code in these security flaws.

With the improvement of Internet security, hackers have focused more on social engineering and deception methods to penetrate systems, and this news is another sign of the ineffectiveness of the 2FA code to deal with such threats.

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