The oldest tree in the world is 5400 years old and 4 meters wide

کهن‌سال‌ترین درخت جهان 5400 سال سن و 4 متر پهنای تنه دارد

Researchers with a new computer model say that the tree “Gran AbueloIn Chile, which means “great grandfather” in Spanish, it could be the world’s oldest tree.

This tree of the species «Cypress Patagonia” With Height 60 And Trunk width 4 meters Over a valley in «AndesHe has grown taller in Chile. Researchers use a mathematical model with simulation Its growth period for Ten thousand Times, age range 4100 to 5400 Have estimated the year. The grandfather tree is in danger of extinction due to climate change and poor tourism in the region.

If the date of this tree can be confirmed by the analysis of the ridges, the previous record that belongs to a large pine «Pinus longaevaIn California called «Introduction»Is, is broken. It is speculated that the grandfather tree was about 600 Years older than the application.

Study of tree rings « dendrochronologyAnd are the most accurate way to determine the age of a tree. But the data related to the grandfather tree is still incomplete.

«Jonathan BarichevichA global climate and ecology scientist at the Climate and Environmental Science Laboratory in Paris and a researcher on the tree. said“This tree is in poor condition due to its old age and poor tourism situation in the area, and it should be specially protected.”

How old is the grandfather tree?

“Grandpa from the bottom of a foggy forest in the national park”Alerce CosteroHe grew up in Chile, it was initially thought 3500 Be old. But in the year 2020Barichevich et al. – who are professors of forestry and natural resources at the University of Chile in Australia – use a non-destructive technique to Piercing the tree trunk Used to study its rings.

The diameter of the tree is approx 4 meters And the method used can not penetrate to the center of the trunk. Thus, it is not possible to estimate the age of the tree with high accuracy. In other words, researchers have not yet reached many internal circles.

Researchers to calculate the remaining years, from one Mathematical model Used to study how this species of tree grows. In this model, changes in growth rate are affected Environmental fluctuations And Eclipse Is also considered.

With the help of this model, they guide the growth of the tree Ten thousand They simulated the load to obtain the range of ages predicted for the great grandfather.

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These simulations showed that the tree probably 5400 years He is old. “The minimum age for this period was reached,” Barichevich said 4100 years Was. The grandfather tree, even if it grew very fast, could not be less than 4100 years Have age. It is likely that this tree is older than 5000 Years be, approx 80% Is.”

1654830403 844 The oldest tree in the world is 5400 years old The oldest tree in the world is 5400 years old and 4 meters wide 4

Record holder of the world’s oldest tree in danger of extinction

“While this tree has survived for thousands of years, its future is in a haze,” Barichevich said. Tourist paths leading to this tree are narrow corridors that cause tourist traffic Damage to tree roots It becomes. Climate change and drought They are also another danger to the great grandfather.

Researchers believe that to protect this tree should Three meters distance Keep tourists with it.

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