The OnePlus 10 is on its way with the flagship MediaTek Dimension 9000 chip

وان‌پلاس 10 با تراشه پرچمدار مدیاتک دیمنسیتی 9000 در راه است

OnePlus 10 It has not been unveiled yet and many users are waiting for its release to the market. Although the previously introduced OnePlus 10 Pro uses the 1st generation Snapdragon 8 chip, according to some sources, its standard version with the flagship chip MediaTek Dimension 9000 It goes to the market.

Yoges Brar One of the sources in the field of technology explains OnePlus 10 will be introduced soon and will be different from its Pro version. According to him, this device uses a 9000 dimensional chip and in addition Limited supply Will have.

OnePlus 10 Ultra, another developing phone from this family

Keep in mind that this is only a matter of one guess And has not yet been officially announced; Therefore, it can not be confirmed with certainty that the OnePlus 10 will be introduced with this chip. The whistleblower also mentions at the end of his tweet that the version ultra This collection is also under development and we will see its introduction in the future.

OnePlus has not yet officially announced the two OnePlus 10 or Ultra versions. There is also no information on the possible release date of these models. However, this will not be the first time that the Chinese handset maker is said to be equipping its flagship device with MediaTek chips. There is also news about the phone before OnePlus 10R It was heard from the MediaTek chip Dimension 8100 benefits. Of course, the existence of this device has not been officially confirmed yet.

It was recently rumored that the OnePlus will unveil at least five new handsets by the end of 2022, which listed the VanThe Plus 10 Ultra, which is slated for release later in the third season of 2022, but did not mention the original version of the series. Was.

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