The Parler social network went online again a month later

The Parler social network went online again a month later

The Parler social network, which is very popular among conservative and right-wing American users, went out of business nearly a month ago due to Amazon discontinuing. Now this social network has resumed its activities and is based on sustainable and independent technology.

According to the statement Published by this social network, “Mark McLaughlin” serves as interim CEO of Parler and replaces “John Matz”. John Matz, co-founder and former CEO of the social network, was fired by the company’s board of directors several days ago.

Things changed for Parler after supporters of former US President Donald Trump’s attack on the US House of Congress, and the social network was removed from the App Store and Play Store. In addition to such actions, Amazon, as the host of Parler servers, stopped cooperating with it.

Despite Parler being online again, its website is still not open to many users, and its app is not available in the App Store and Google Play Store. Apple and Google have previously stated that the social network could return to these stores with changes.

Some users have reported on Twitter that it is not possible to access this social network, and of course, some have mentioned the possibility of reusing it with old accounts. Parler, which had more than 20 million users a day, has announced that it will be online in the first week and will be ready to accept new users in the second week.

Parler, who considers himself a defender of freedom of expression, was founded in 2018 and became a rival of Twitter. During its tenure, the social network has been able to attract conservative Americans who oppose the rules of other social networks.

Parler seems to be moving to CloudRoute LLC and the Ceph open source software platform instead of Amazon. There seems to be a user account on this social network, but all posts, images and videos have been removed from the new platform.

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