The performance of the next generation ARM GPU is doubled

عملکرد نسل بعدی پردازشگر گرافیکی ARM دو برابر افزایش می‌یابد

In online meetings with investors and developers, ARM has released information about its next-generation GPU, which is expected to launch next year. According to the company, its next-generation GPU will perform up to twice as well as the Mali-G710 in FP32. The G710 is almost up to 5 times faster than the 2018 logo technology, so we’re seeing significant performance improvements.

Ian Burt, Chief Technology Officer at Logo Machine Learning Business, provides a preview of the speed of machine learning performance in the company’s next-generation GPU. Exhibited. Launched in 2022, the architecture is up to 4.7 times faster than the Mali-G76 in FP32 machine learning tasks and focuses on the quality of single-core performance.

We do not currently know how much such an increase in performance in FP32 machine learning affects the overall performance of the device, especially in terms of performance. Mali-G710 GPU Compared to its predecessor, the Mali-G78 has 35% and 20% higher performance in terms of machine learning performance and graphics performance, respectively.

Machine learning performance is very important for the logo and therefore it should provide the developers with the necessary tools to use the next generation of technologies.

Given that ARM will probably be owned by Nvidia in the near future, we do not know how the company will develop in the future. The company has gained a lot of expertise in the field of GPU in recent years, so the use of its technologies in Nvidia graphics can put the company in a superior position over competitors. The company says it will not change the logo’s operating model, but time will tell.

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