The person responsible for the design of Sony’s PS6 has been identified; A new product is coming

The person responsible for the design of Sony's PS6 has been identified;  A new product is coming

Over the past two weeks, rumors have swirled that PS5 designer Mark Cerny Responsible for the design of Sony’s PS6 console will also be in charge, was published. Most of these reports are based on Cerny’s recent patent that describes a technique to speed up ray tracing on the PS5. However, further investigation shows that this feature will probably be introduced in the next generation of Sony’s game console.

The rumor about the design of the PS6 console seems to be an informed prediction. Twitter users have also published reports confirming the truth of the claim that Cerny is responsible for the design of the PS6. According to the report of one of the users, Serney is working on the PS6 brand. Another user also confirms this claim citing a reliable source. However, we still cannot be sure about this information.

Responsible for PS6 design

Apparently, Cerny’s new patent is not based on PS5 technology. In fact, this patent has an RT unit (ray tracing unit) like Intel or Nvidia, which the PS5 and AMD do not have on any released hardware. Apparently, this feature is intended for the next generation of Sony consoles. Given that Cerny was the main designer of the PS4, PlayStation Vita and PS5, it’s no surprise that he will be responsible for the PS6 as well. According to reports, the release date of PS6 will be after 2027. On the other hand, some rumors indicate that the popular game Last Of Us 3 will be available for this console.

Sony PS5 Pro or Slim?

Based on what Sony says, the PS5 Pro may launch in April 2023. Probably, this device will be equipped with a more powerful chip and a newer cooling system. Contrary to previous reports, it seems that the new version of the Sony console will have “Pro” in its name instead of “Slim”. The liquid cooling system of PlayStation 5 Pro will be the selling point of this product. Typically, this feature is seen in gaming computers. Therefore, it can be concluded that the new system may be equipped with an upgraded AMD processor. A liquid cooling system can even lead to radical design changes.

Considering Sony’s history with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, the company must be very careful with the PlayStation 5 Pro version to avoid any mistakes. Sony hopes to see the simultaneous presence of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Pro in the market for many years.

PS5 has different generations

However, Tom Henderson believes that not all reports about the PlayStation 5 Pro or Slim are true. He claims that the latest PS5 model will only be launched as the second generation PS5. He also added that the first-generation PS5 will be retired at the end of this year, and the production of the new model will begin in April and go on sale in September.

Henderson says that Sony plans to produce fewer PS5 models to reduce production costs. In the past, using the Peru extension was considered a wise business decision; But according to the current system and the lack of parts, such an action is no longer logical.

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