The possibility of Ilan Mask buying Twitter was boosted by $ 46.5 billion in funding

احتمال خرید توییتر توسط ایلان ماسک با تامین سرمایه 46.5 میلیارد دلاری قوت گرفت

Based on documents leaked by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) “Ilan Mask” A figure of approx $ 46.5 billion Has provided. The richest man in the world last week offered to buy Twitter for $ 43 billion, and now it is said that this funding may have been provided to buy Twitter. However, such a claim can not be confirmed with certainty.

According to this report Of the huge amount provided by Mask, $ 21 billion was raised through stocks and another $ 25.5 billion through loans and bank facilities (including a loan from Morgan Stanley).

Possibility of bidding by Ilan Mask

The case also confirms that Mask’s shares on Twitter remain at 9.1%, and that the social network has adopted a “poison pill” defense strategy, believing that it has not responded to Mask’s initial offer. However, it is possible that Ilan Mask may bid and buy all of Twitter’s stock.

According to Investopedia “Tender offer” Used when shareholders are required to sell their shares at a specified price at a specified time. With such an offer, Mask offers shareholders $ 54.20 per share, which will make many of them sell their shares. Price Twitter shares At the time of writing, $ 47.70 per share.

But despite the funding, it cannot be confirmed that Twitter will be bought by Ilan Mask. The new case also points out that there is currently no guarantee that the purchase will be finalized.

The strategy adopted by Twitter, or the poison pill, is a kind of defense mechanism that tries to dissuade the buyer from taking possession of the company by preventing the purchase of a certain amount of company shares. However, while it is clear that Ilan Mask has no problem buying Twitter, in the end their deal is still unclear.

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