The possible cancellation of Apple’s M2 Extreme chip due to its complexity and high cost

The possible cancellation of Apple's M2 Extreme chip due to its complexity and high cost

Apple It introduced its first products with the processor made by the same company in 2020 and at the same time announced that eventually all Apple products will use M series SoCs in the future, and the company admitted that this is going to be nearly two years away. It may take a long time, but now, according to the latest reports, it seems that the production and supply of the M2 Extreme chip has been canceled by Apple.

However, after two years have passed, Apple has been able to stick to its plan, but still the MacBook Pro and Mini computers in Apple’s production line use Intel chips. In this regard, many thought that at the hardware event in October this year, Apple would unveil two new computers with its own chips, but this did not happen.

Now, according to a Bloomberg report, it has been determined that the release of Mac Pro has been postponed, and according to this report, Apple has apparently canceled the production of the most powerful model of this computer series. In this regard, it is currently unclear what will be the fate of the high-end MacBook Mini with Apple’s own proprietary processor. In this regard, Bloomberg’s technology reporter Mark Gorman said that the delay in the release of the MacBook Pro is due to Apple’s uncertainty regarding the use of the desired chip for this computer. In this regard, Gorman mentioned that Apple initially decided to use two M1-based chips, and the final configuration in this regard was to use two M1 Max chips in one device and support 4 chips of this type in another device.

Finally, the dual chip configuration of the M1 Max became the M1 Ultra and entered the market with Mac Studio. Then Apple decided to introduce the Pro chip into the M2 generation. So far, however, Apple has been slow to release new and updated M2 chips, and so far has only done so for the base M2 model. According to this report, Apple was planning to offer the MacBook Pro with two chip configurations, which Gorman called the quad-Max version the M2 Extreme chip.

Canceled Apple M2 Extreme

M2 Ultra has 24 processing cores and 76 graphics cores and supports 192 GB of RAM. In this regard, the so-called Extreme chip is supposed to have double specifications, and this includes 48 central processing cores, support for 152 graphics cores. However, Bloomberg’s Gorman claims in his latest report that Apple has canceled the production of the M2 Extreme chip.

The reasons for this decision by Apple are the complexity of the design, the high price and the transfer of the production line from Texas to Vietnam. The company is also not sure that consumers will buy this expensive device, while the MacBook Studio version costs almost the same as the MacBook Pro. In general, the Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra chip will probably start at $10,000, and that’s just the starting price, the current MacBook Pro is already priced at $5,999, but with more advanced hardware configurations, it can go up to $7,000.

In this regard, Apple thought that if it develops such a chip, the cost of making it will be high, and this company is not sure that consumers are going to welcome it. However, this decision by Apple will probably disappoint professional video editors and people who have been waiting for the release of the M2 Extreme.

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