The possible release of a new PlayStation 5 bundle in February with two DualSense controllers

The possible release of a new PlayStation 5 bundle in February with two DualSense controllers

According to the latest news Sony It is going to introduce two new bundles for PlayStation 5 next month. Twitter users have recently noticed that Australian retailer EBGames is currently listing two PS5 bundles on their website, and both bundles feature dual DualSense controllers.

According to reports, these consoles will have a digital version and a disc version, and the digital version will be released based on the newer CFI-1216A and CFI-1216B models with support for 6nm AMD chips. Both new PlayStation 5 bundles are set to hit the market in early February 2023, according to retailer EBGames.

However, Sony has not officially and independently confirmed the release of new bundles, and there is a possibility that this news is incorrect, but according to the company’s official announcement that new versions of PS5 will be released, we can expect this news to be correct. In September, Sony released its PlayStation 5 console with support for the 6 nm AMD Oberon Plus processor, and this new version of Sony’s popular console has a lower temperature than the previous models, and its energy consumption has also been reduced.

PlayStation 5 bundle

The initial release of PlayStation 5 took place in November 2020, and as reported in the past days, Sony managed to sell nearly 30 million units of this console by December 2022. In the first two years of the console’s release, the PS5 was plagued by high demand and chip issues, but as reported by Sony’s Jim Ryan, these issues have now been resolved.

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