The presidium of the Preservation Plan Commission will be appointed today

هیات رئیسه کمیسیون طرح صیانت امروز تعیین می شوند

The first meeting of the Joint Commission on the project “Protection of the rights of cyberspace users and basic services” will be held this afternoon in the presence of the Deputy Speaker.

“Lotfollah Siahkoli,” a member of the Industries and Mines Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, as one of the elected representatives to join the Joint Commission to review the plan “Supporting the rights of cyberspace users and basic applications” said in an interview with Mehr: “The first meeting of the Joint Commission “The review of the plan” Supporting the rights of cyberspace users and basic services “will be held at 13:30 today, Sunday, October 9, in the office of Ali Nikzad, the deputy speaker of the parliament, in the presence of elected members.”

“The meeting will be held with the aim of electing the board and determining the structure of the joint commission, the manner of action and the manner of doing the work,” he said.

Siahkoli added: “After holding this meeting, in the next meetings, in accordance with the process set by the commission, it will enter into examining the dimensions of the plan.”

Earlier, the head of the parliament’s cultural commission had stated It has been decided that the media will have a more active presence in the joint commission And all its meetings are public. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It should be said that the parliament has taken a very sensitive step in this direction in recent months.

From the announcement of the details of the protection plan until today, many ups and downs have passed around it. The Islamic Consultative Assembly voted that this plan should be reviewed in accordance with Article 85, and that the draft should be reviewed by a specialized commission. However, due to the over-sensitivity of the plan, it was announced that media representatives would be present at the meetings. “We have promised the people that we will inform them of the details of the investigation into the plan,” the head of the parliament’s cultural commission said.

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