The price of bitcoin exceeded $ 50,000 after months

قیمت بیت کوین پس از ماه‌ها از ۵۰ هزار دلار فراتر رفت

For the first time in three months, the price of Bitcoin crossed the $ 50,000 mark and was able to regain its lost power. Meanwhile, Cardano, with a growth of more than 31% over the past week, was able to set a new price record in its name and its price crossed the $ 2.8 mark for the first time in the history of these cryptocurrencies.

Mid-May was the last time that the price of bitcoin could cross $ 50,000, and since then it has fluctuated and, of course, dropped so much that some market analysts even talked about bitcoin at $ 20,000 or less. Raised. But in the days and weeks to come, the sheet came back and the market’s most popular cryptocurrencies rose again.

At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin has risen 6.34% over the past week and 1.96% over the past 24 hours to $ 50,237. The price of Cardano, which is now ranked third in the market in terms of market value, has also increased to $ 2.85.

Bitcoin prices plummeted when Tesla CEO Ilan Musk announced that he had stopped accepting bitcoin due to environmental pollution. Of course, this approach changed again with the change in Tesla.

It is now three months since Bitcoin last priced at $ 50,000, and it remains to be seen how long this uptrend will continue. The price increase trend for Cardano has also attracted the attention of many market participants.

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