The Queen Robot launches on the International Space Station

شروع به کار ربات ملکه در ایستگاه فضایی بین‌المللی

The queen robot is cube-shaped but different from the Borg robot. Did we not learn any lessons from Star Trek? After the Borg robots caused a lot of trouble for the captain and crew of the space flight, it was thought that NASA was no longer willing to use these robots, or at least did not choose names like Queen or Hive for them. It is interesting to know that the Queen Robot has already started working on the International Space Station and is a member of the hive family of robots.

But no worries is not. This group of robots includes three cube-shaped floating robots that aim to help astronauts conduct research and experiments in Earth orbit. The two robots in this group, known as Honey and Bumble, were active until a few days ago. On Tuesday, NASA announced that astronaut Shane Kimbrough had taken the queen robot out of the box and inspected it to begin its work.

NASA said in a statement: “This is the first time since the spacecraft in 2019 that the Queen robot wakes up! “It’s really great.” In this regard, a ground team will control the queen in the early stages in order to ensure how the queen works and the correct orientation around the space station.

These robots use electric fans, cameras and sensors to move and orient themselves under low gravity conditions. They can be connected to an energy base to charge their batteries if needed. In addition, Queen and Astrobees robots are able to do things like carry loads together. They are also flexible robots. This means that scientists can guide them from the surface of the earth. The robots are also capable of photographing astronauts during the day. Scientists hope that in the future, robots will be able to monitor and maintain spacecraft or space station systems.

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