The release date of the Starfield game was announced + trailer

The release date of the Starfield game was announced + trailer

Bethesda has finally officially announced the release date of the game “Starfield” along with the release of a trailer.

The long-awaited game Starfield will finally be available to players this year. According to Bethesda, this exclusive project of “Microsoft” will also be released in September. This news will be communicated to users approximately one year after the initial release date and several months after the previous release window was determined.

In this regard, Bethesda shared a new trailer of the Starfield game online. In this trailer, the release date of this great online game is announced. Starfield in history September 6 (15 September 1402) It will be available worldwide. At the end of the new trailer, a quick demonstration of the game’s gameplay can be seen. Bethesda Softworks studio director Todd Howard confirmed during the Starfield Direct event on June 11 (June 21, 1402)A full report of the behind-the-scenes production of this game will be published for users.

Starfield game release date

Xbox manager welcomes the delay in the release of the Starfield game

In early 2023, it seemed that Bethesda would finally announce the official release date of Starfield. However, many expected the exclusive Starfield event to take place much earlier than June; So fans will have to wait a while to find out more about Bethesda’s next big game. In fact, Starfield was supposed to be released on November 11, 2022, coinciding with Skyrim’s 10th anniversary. But Bethesda postponed the release date of the said game to 2023.

According to Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, delaying the release of Starfield and Redfall was the right thing to do. He wanted to make sure the development teams had all the time they needed to deliver the best games possible. Play Starfield Available for Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms. You can watch the new Starfield trailer below:

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