The result of Mask’s Twitter poll revealed: Most users agree to sell Tesla shares

نتیجه نظرسنجی توییتری ماسک مشخص شد: موافقت اکثر کاربران با فروش سهام تسلا

The CEO of Tesla asked his followers in a Twitter poll whether he should sell 10% of his shares in Tesla to pay the heavy tax on his assets. The result is now known, and 57.9% of Ilan Musk’s followers believe he should sell a stake in Tesla and pay taxes.

“I was prepared to accept any result,” Musk tweeted after the poll. The richest person in the world recently tweeted Had announced If users agree, he will sell 10% of his shares. Musk had previously said that within the next three months, he would have a big deal on maturity contracts that would tax him heavily. As a result, selling a portion of Tesla shares could help pay for the tax.

Elon Musk had 170.5 million Tesla shares as of June 30, with a 10 percent sale of $ 21 billion. So Twitter users decided the fate of $ 21 billion by participating in the poll, which eventually received more than 3.5 million votes. In another tweet in response to his poll, Musk stressed that he does not receive any salary or benefits from any place and that his only assets are shares. As a result, he has no choice but to sell his share of the tax.

In a recently unveiled bill, Democratic senators in the United States have proposed a tax on stocks and other negotiable assets to help Biden’s social spending program. The plan is also set to block the wealthy from paying stock taxes.

“Whether or not the richest person in the world should pay taxes should not depend on the results of a Twitter poll,” Ron Weiden, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which co-sponsored the tax plan for the rich, wrote in response to the poll. “It’s time to tax the income of billionaires.”

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