The RTX 4080 graphics card has been released – the most expensive model in the X80 series

The RTX 4080 graphics card has been released – the most expensive model in the X80 series

Finally, after waiting for a while, Nvidia’s new graphics card ie GeForce RTX 4080 Released so that the RTX 4090 is no longer the only member of the Ada Lovelace gaming family. Now users can choose between 4090 with AD102 chip and price of 1599 dollars or 4080 with AD103 chip and price of 1199 dollars.

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Currently, reviews of this model have been published by critics, which show that the GeForce RTX 4080 card is undoubtedly a worthy replacement for the RTX 3080 series and offers excellent performance. However, its main problem is undoubtedly the much higher price than the previous generation. In fact, we’re not going to see a price below $1,000 for the 4080 anytime soon.

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card has been released

GeForce RTX 4080 uses 9728 CUDA cores, more than 16 GB of GDDR6X memory and a total board power of 320 watts. However, the declared consumption is actually much lower in gaming benchmarks and will only be the maximum achievable for the card. Below you can see the numbers published by Nvidia in a few games, apparently the consumption of this card in 4K will not be more than 297 watts.

RTX 4080 graphics card

AMD is also releasing its Radeon RX 7900 series soon, targeting the sub-$1,000 market. Undoubtedly, many custom models of Red Team cards will be cheaper than even the cheapest RTX 4080 cards. So we’ll have to wait for reviews of the RDNA 3 to come out and see if it can beat the 4080.

graphic card Radeon RX 7900 XTX Radeon RX 7900 XT GeForce RTX 4090 GeForce RTX 4080
architecture AMD RDNA3 AMD RDNA3 NVIDIA Ada Lovelace NVIDIA Ada Lovelace
GPU Navi 31 XTX Navi 31 XT AD102-300 AD103-300
Number of clusters 96 computing units 84 computing units 128 multi-stream processors 76 multi-threaded processors
The number of cores 12288/6144 stream processor 10752/5376 stream processor 16384 CUDA cores 9728 CUDA cores
Base frequency 1.9 GHz 1.5 GHz 2.2 GHz 2.2 GHz
Game frequency 2.3 GHz 2.0 GHz
Boost frequency 2.5 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.5 GHz 2.5 GHz
Memory 24 GB
20 GB
24 GB
16 GB
Memory bus 384 bits 320 bits 384 bits 256 bits
Memory speed 20 Gbps 20 Gbps 21 Gbps 22.4 Gbps
The largest cache memory 96 MB 80 MB 72 MB 64 MB
Bandwidth 960 GB/s 800 GB/s 1008 GB/s 717 GB/s
Power 355 watts 300 watts 450 watts 320 watts
Power connector Two 8 pins Two 8 pins One 16 pin One 16 pin
PCIe interface Gen4 x16 Gen4 x16 Gen4 x16 Gen4 x16
Official price 999 dollars $899 1599 dollars $1199

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