The Russian space agency will protect its intellectual property with a blockchain

The Russian space agency will protect its intellectual property with a blockchain

The Russian space agency Roscosmos wants to use the blockchain technology to combat the theft of its intellectual property. Roscosmos will get help from Waves in this way.

Roscosmos, in partnership with Waves, through a hybrid blockchain on a new mechanism to protect its intellectual property Is busy. The company’s tool, known as the IP Guard, is a blockchain-based tool that detects infringements of intellectual property belonging to Roscosmos and other companies.

With the help of this tool, the Russian Space Agency can maintain a database of intellectual property and resources related to these properties, such as lawyers, patent experts and inspectors. “The most prominent feature of the blockchain is its immutability and the ability to verify the information within it,” says Igor Kozmichev, Waves’ chief business officer. “Centralized databases cannot provide such features.”

This mechanism allows Roscosmos to award rewards to users through smart contracts to identify patterns of intellectual property infringement. In addition, Kozmichev says participants in the network will be awarded a “Cosmotoken” prize that could later be donated to the organization and other commodity-related organizations.

The new tool is currently in beta testing, and Roscosmos is the first organization to start testing it. The IP Guard is set to officially launch this summer. Waves has been involved in many Russian blockchain projects, including major government projects. Last year, the company provided its expertise in blockchain technology to the Russian government to use in the Russian parliamentary elections.

Waves recently used its technologies in the Russian National Force network. In addition, Alfa-Bank, a major Russian bank, used the company’s blockchain platform in late 2020 to provide freelance automation services.

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