The salary of the CEO of a startup in 2022? An average of 150 thousand dollars

حقوق مدیر عامل یک استارتاپ در سال 2022؟ میانگین 150 هزار دلار

Accounting startup Kruze Consulting has updated its annual payroll report with impressive statistics on Rights of CEOs Is mentioned. The report, based on statistics from 250 different companies, shows the average salary of a startup CEO 150 thousand dollars Has been announced.

According to this report, In 2022, the average salary of a startup CEO 2.7 percent Compared to last year, it has reached $ 150,000. Also, however, the salaries of CEOs compared to 2020, when many companies were affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus, 7.9 percent Has increased.

CEO rights in 2022 by industry

In the continuation of this report, other very interesting statistics are mentioned. According to the chart below, on average, corporate CEOs hardware With an average salary of $ 112,000 a year, they receive almost the minimum wage. On the other hand, corporate CEOs biotechnology And Pharmacology They receive an average salary of $ 161,000.

Also CEOs of companies active in the field electronic commerceی Compared to last year, they have seen a significant increase in their salaries and now receive an average of $ 141,000.

CEO rights

Although the startup reported on the salaries of the CEOs of 250 companies in its report, the names of none of these companies have been revealed. There is also a calculator on the startup’s website so that CEOs can use it to calculate their average salary and also check the status of their peers.

Kruze Consulting concludes in its report that the salary of the CEO of startups, based on the amount Investments What is done in their company is different. In the explanation; As is to be expected, a lower budget means less wages. For example, companies that raise less than $ 2 million have an average salary of $ 106,000, and companies that raise more than $ 10 million pay their senior executives an average of about $ 200,000.

CEO rights

Finally, Haley Jones, the company’s Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis, explains:

“The culture of startups can create restrictions on not getting paid. For low-budget tech companies, the concept of “ramen profitability” encourages founders not to get paid to keep costs to a minimum and attract investors. “On the other hand, with famous founders like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg, who are either unpaid or very low and have focused on their equity.”

ramen profitable is when a startup only earns money to pay for the founders’ living expenses.

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