The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will likely be equipped with a public health monitoring system

گلکسی واچ ۴ سامسونگ احتمالا به سیستم پایش سلامت عمومی مجهز می‌شود

Samsung is likely to equip the Galaxy Watch 4 with a BIA (Bioelectric Impedance Analyzer) sensor that can measure the general health of the body, including the ratio of fat to muscle.

In recent years, a variety of health sensors have been added to smartwatches. Despite the great popularity of SpO2 sensors, some smartwatches can now monitor stress, body temperature and heart health. Samsung can now add another new sensor to the Galaxy Watch 4. According to Max Weinbach, one of the most knowledgeable sources in the future Samsung watch market equipped with BIA sensor will be This feature is commonly found in smart products.

BIA is another way to measure certain body components (such as the ratio of body fat to muscle). The sensor can detect the impedance or disturbance of the voltage sent through the body and use this data to assess whether a person is too thin or obese. Because bones, muscles, fats and other tissues of the body have different qualities in terms of electrical resistance.

The addition of a BIA sensor to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 could also be of great value to those who want to build muscle, monitor general health or burn fat. The sensor is also synchronized with other performance metrics such as VO2 Max (maximum oxygen consumption). While the Galaxy Watch 3 has not been the most effective wearable device for fitness tracking, it seems that Samsung intends to improve these features in its wearable gadgets.

Samsung will hold its virtual event on July 7, at 9:45 PM Tehran time, at the same time as the Mobile World Congress 2021, and it is expected that the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Active with the combined operating system of Samsung and Google will be unveiled at this event.

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