The second period of “Irancell Career Development Center” started operating

The second period of "Irancell Career Development Center" started operating

The second period of Irancell Career Development Center started with the presence of 50 interns, with the aim of identifying talents and guiding them in their career path.

Yesterday, the second ceremony of Irancell Career Development Center was attended by Dr. Bijan Abbasiarand, CEO, Engineer Mohammad Mehdi Mojtahedi, Deputy Human Resources, a group of managers, interns and professional psychological counselors (mentors), observing social distance and Corona health protocols. It was held at the amphitheater of Irancell’s central building.

Irancell Career Development Center has been operating since 1997 with the aim of bringing closer the connection between the university and the professional environment, in order to discover and cultivate talents and guide them in their career path, to be able to train future leaders of the ICT industry. The second period of Irancell Career Development Center was held in February 2016, while the call for interns was published in November, and after that, 3,830 people had registered by sending their resumes. After reviewing the resumes and conducting the necessary tests, 337 people were invited for interviews, and among them, 50 interns were selected to participate in the professional development (mentoring) stage. At the end of this course, 20 selected interns will have the opportunity to work as interns in real projects in five areas of product development, IT, data science, marketing and telecom in Irancell.

Dr. Bijan Abbasi-Arand, CEO of Irancell, expressed his satisfaction with the presence of the elite students of the country’s top universities and said: “Irancell, as the largest data and digital services operator in the country, has entered its 15th year of operation and is arguably one of the most important He has been the most influential actor in the field of IT and IS technology in the country. Before the formation of Irancell, we had only one mobile phone operator in the country and the country was far from the latest technologies in the world. But since its inception, Irancell has relied on being a leader in technology and was able to bring in the 2.75 generation mobile phone, which was the beginning of the introduction of mobile internet at an acceptable speed. “After that, at the first opportunity we were allowed, we launched the third and fourth generations, and this year we were able to be the first operator to launch the fifth generation mobile phone in the country.”

Describing Irancell’s professional atmosphere, he told Karuzan: “One of the characteristics of Irancell is that Irancell employees work in such a way that the company is a leader in all areas of activity, including technology, service and services. And for this reason, they have found a significant distance from others in the country and even in the region. Our slogans such as “Irancell Digital Life Experience”, “Irancell Pulse of Digital Life” and “Irancell is the first and largest digital operator in the country” are slogans that, thanks to these efforts, have now become part of the realities of Irancell’s services to the people. Has been. Of course, we also have other slogans that are goals for the future of the services in which Irancell is supposed to play a role. Irancell is an international company whose foreign partner is a professional company among mobile operators and includes 22 countries, including Iran. Existence of experienced, smart, creative and hard-working human resources, has made Irancell always among the best among these 22 countries, in all categories, so that last year, in general, among the 22 countries under MTN Group, Irancell won the top rank. . »

Dr. Abbasi Arend also explained the mechanisms of Irancell Career Development Center and its goals to the interns: “The space that you interns will enter is a space in which work is done professionally. Based on the experience of MTN Group, we have tried to manage Irancell professionally. Launching a career development center is one of these measures to chart a career path for interns. Irancell specialists who have worked in the field of mobile operator for many years, know and have created digital business in it, will teach you some of their experiences in this course, and those who successfully complete this course will join the Irancell family. Will come. You were selected from more than 3,000 applicants for this opportunity, and this shows your high potential; God willing, you will be able to take advantage of this opportunity and have a unique experience in the Irancell work environment, in addition to the professional training you will receive. “In our country, there are very few large companies with an atmosphere similar to Irancell, where there is peace, creativity and a happy and stress-free environment, and we hope you will be successful in this professional path for which you have taken the first step.”

Earlier, the first course of Irancell Career Development Center was held in 1998 in cooperation with Sharif Employment School.

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