The share of using Windows 10 reached below 70% for the first time in recent years

The share of using Windows 10 reached below 70% for the first time in recent years

recently Statcounter It released its November 2022 Operating System Popularity Report, showing that Windows 11 usage is slowly increasing, with Windows 10’s market share falling below 70 percent for the first time this November.

Meanwhile, although this Microsoft operating system is still considered the beating heart of most personal computers, since the release of Windows 11, the share of this version of Windows has been slowly decreasing. In this regard, Statcounter claimed that Windows 10 now has 69.77% of the market share, which is a decrease of 1.49% compared to the previous month.

However, Windows 11, the main competitor of Windows 10, has not set a new record in this regard and in the November report, and its share is slowly gaining a higher position, and stability continues in this process. The November report also shows that Windows 11 now has a 16.12 percent market share, up 0.67 percent from October. Windows 7 is still the third most popular operating system and this month its share is almost close to Windows 11 with 10.24%.

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Microsoft also plans to end the additional security update program for this operating system by early next year, so after initial software support ends, the additional period for providing security updates for this operating system will end in the near future. Receipt.

In this regard, we can see the movement of these statistics towards more use of Windows 10 and 11. However, it appears that many customers will continue to use Windows 7, and some developers are considering expanding software support in that direction. Regarding the statistics presented for Windows 8.1 and 8, it can be said that both operating systems have 2.54 and 0.79 percent of the market share, respectively, and the share of the outdated XP operating system is 0.4 percent.

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