The Snapdragon 895 Plus is made with 4-nanometer TSMC technology

اسنپدراگون ۸۹۵ پلاس با فناوری ۴ نانومتری TSMC ساخته می‌شود

Qualcomm will likely introduce a chip called the Snapdragon 895 Plus in the second half of 2022, which will be a more powerful version of the Snapdragon 895. Both chips are made with a 4-nanometer manufacturing process, but the Snapdragon 895 will likely be made by Samsung and the 895 Plus by TSMC.

According to an informed source in the tech world called Ice UniverseQualcomm will use TSMC 4nm manufacturing technology instead of Samsung to produce the Snapdragon 895 Plus. One of the reasons Qualcomm outsourced the production of the Snapdragon 895 to Korea is that the chip shortage has had a major impact on TSMC’s operations.

The global market situation has led TSMC to prioritize its production of Apple chips, as the Cupertinos have already booked the Taiwanese chip maker for the production of iPhone, iPad and Mac chips. The Snapdragon 888 Plus is not much better than the Snapdragon 888, probably due to the use of Samsung’s 5nm LPE technology.

Qualcomm is likely to ship the Snapdragon 895 Plus to TSMC 4nm production lines in the second half of next year. Of course, this will be in a situation where the global chip shortage situation will improve. If things do not improve, Samsung will continue to produce the Snapdragon 895 Plus, and we may again see a small difference between the power of the two chips.

For now, we have to wait for the Snapdragon 895 to be introduced and the first smartphones with this chip to come to market. Qualcomm usually introduces its flagship chip later this year, and this year will be no exception.

The Snapdragon 895 is expected to launch in December, and may be the first flagship to ship with the Xiaomi May 12. Then, about six months later, it’s the turn of the Snapdragon 895 Plus. But there is still a long way to go until that date and we have to see how the situation will turn out.

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