The story of the US covert effort and the recruitment of “mind readers” to confront the Soviet Union

The story of the US covert effort and the recruitment of "mind readers" to confront the Soviet Union

During the tense Cold War, the US government sought to use a new and effective weapon against the Soviet Union: mind reading.

During a top-secret project first conducted at the California Research Laboratory in the 1970s and later at the Maryland headquarters, the US military, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Army recruited men and women who claimed access to the sixth sense. The goal was to use these superhuman abilities to uncover all military and local intelligence.

In 2017, the CIA declassified approximately 12 million pages of documentation related to the project and provided us with more details about a program that eventually became known as the Stargate Project.

By the time the program was halted in 1995, so-called “remote viewers” metropsychiatrists had been used in a wide range of operations, from locating hostages abducted by Islamist terrorist groups to finding The hideout of fugitive criminals on US soil.

The Stargate project dates back to 1972, when it published a report stating that the Soviet Union had a lot of money to spend on studying the sixth sense and دوجنبی – Moving objects with the power of the mind – for espionage purposes, a wave of panic broke out in the US military and intelligence agencies. In response, the CIA began funding the top-secret investigations, which were being pursued at the Stanford Research Institute in California.

Yuri Geller and Sixth Sense Research

Later that year, a Stanford team of researchers invited Yuri Geller, a former paratrooper who had become world-renowned for his superpowers. Although Geller was known for seemingly being able to bend metal with the power of his mind, the CIA was more inclined to test another of his skills: being able to read other people’s minds or even control their minds with his own.

As Annie Jacobson writes in her book, The Hidden History of US Government Studies on the Sixth and Secondary Senses, now declassified documents show that CIA analysts wanted Geller’s abilities in the field of “mental projection” and in cases related to Use national security.

According to Jacobsen in his book, Geller played a key role in the US government’s investigation into the sixth and far-right senses. In the winter of 1975, Geller even went on a series of secret extraterrestrial experiments in a laboratory in Livermore. Researchers at the lab worked on advanced nuclear warheads, laser systems and other emerging weapons technologies.

In the late 1970s, the CIA ended its work on Sixth Sense, and the program was moved to the US Army Fort Meade headquarters in Maryland. This time it was the defense intelligence agency that funded the project. Over the next two decades, Congress continued to allocate more and more funds to the Viewers Away program.

Help parapsychics with top-secret programs

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Army veteran Joseph McMayingel was one of the most prominent remote viewers to participate in the US government’s top-secret program. As he later told the Washington Post, McMagnigel was on about 450 missions between 1978 and 1984. Including the mission of finding American hostages in Iran and directing CIA agents to a shortwave radio embedded in the pocket account of a possible KGB agent in South Africa.

Another remote viewer was Angela Delafiera Ford, who was asked in 1989 to find an escape agent. He was able to identify the fugitive as “Lowell in Wyoming,” and U.S. Customs found him in a town called Lovell, 100 miles from Wyoming.

The Pentagon at least ostensibly denied spending on such research, but several reports were leaked in the 1980s that revealed details of government experiments. Finally, in 1995, the CIA released a report stating that the rumors were true and that the US government was working on the sixth sense for military and intelligence purposes.

The report also said that the Stargate project had failed and that “the existence of supernatural phenomena remains unclear.” However, some analysts say some of the experiments have been successful, but acknowledge that the details of the project are “too vague enough to lead to credible information.”

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