The Tesla Cyber ​​Truck has finally reached the pre-production testing stage

تسلا سایبرتراک، سرانجام به مرحله تست پیش از تولید رسید

The Tesla Cyber ​​Truck pickup is one of the most marginalized cars in the world in recent years, which has attracted a lot of attention due to its different appearance. Now pictures of this Electric pickup Published that it is Technical tests Show. The Tesla CyberTrack Test has been updated with an interior and a large wiper on the windshield.

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck to attend Project Moss Landing in California has been tested. This project includes Energy storage area With a capacity of 730 MWh, it makes it one of the largest energy storage centers in the world.

The Moss Landing project is based on the collaboration of several private companies with Tesla and its purpose Improving the power grid of the state of California Is. The state focuses on the development of clean vehicles. If the use of electric vehicles in California increases, there will be an additional burden on the state power grid. That’s why Tesla and its private partners are working to strengthen California’s power grid by building this power storage unit.

Long process of Tesla cyber truck development

According to news and rumors heard from Tesla, the company intends to produce cyber trucks from the year 2023 AD start. It seems that some changes have taken place during the development process of Tesla Cyber ​​Truck and this pickup from Strange appearance It will come out on its own. These changes first occurred in the cabin and then will include the cyber truck body.

For example, the giant wiper that was present in the original version of this pickup has now been removed and replaced with a regular wiper. The dashboard images of this car also show that the research and development of cyber trucks is ongoing. The steering wheel had no airbag and several wires had protruded, and the front camera housing had been removed.

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