The total market value of bitcoin units exceeded $ 1 trillion

The total market value of bitcoin units exceeded $ 1 trillion

As the price of each bitcoin reached $ 49,000, the diluted market value of this digital currency (including unextricated bitcoins) exceeded $ 1 trillion.

Based on site data «CoinMarketCapWhich monitors tradable assets, the diluted market value of bitcoin has crossed the $ 1 trillion mark for the first time since the introduction of this digital currency. This criterion is similar to the normal market value, except that the total number of extractable units is taken into account. According to these statistics, the normal market value of Bitcoin has reached 900 billion dollars, which shows a growth of 354 billion dollars in 2021 alone.

Bitcoin, which currently accounts for 61% of the total cryptocurrency market, is not the only currency to see dramatic growth. The price of ether, which is in the second place in terms of market value, has increased 6 times in 4 months to $ 1840, and the value of “Dojquin” has increased 10 times in 2 weeks, thanks to the advertisements of Ilan Mask.

The sudden jump in virtual currencies has brought their total market value to $ 1.43 trillion, an increase of 88.5% compared to 2020.

CoinMarketCap data show that Bitcoin is now the ninth largest asset in the world, surpassing Tesla and Facebook in recent days. If we compare the market value of this digital currency in terms of GDP with different countries, it is higher than the Netherlands and Switzerland, and next to Mexico.

The dramatic growth of cryptocurrencies in recent months has prompted the world’s largest payment systems, including PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, to add them to their network. Tesla will invest $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin to buy its products with these cryptocurrencies, and BNY Mellon, the oldest bank in the United States, will add bitcoin holding and transfer for institutional customers to its services.

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