The trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain was released

The trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain was released

In less than four days, the highly anticipated game Horizon Call of the Mountain will be released. A few hours ago, Sony shared the launch trailer for this title.

Next week, Sony will officially launch the PS VR2 virtual reality device, and the game Horizon Call of the Mountain will be available to players as one of the launch products of this device.

In this regard, this company has shared the trailer of Horizon Call of the Mountain game in the virtual space. In this trailer, we see the exciting battle of giant machines, the story line of the game and the character of Aloy (hero of the Horizon series). The interesting point here is that players will not take control of Aloy’s character in Call of the Mountain.

“Guerrilla Games” studio has published a synopsis of this title on the official page of Horizon Call of the Mountain game:

This time you will experience a new adventure with PS VR2 in the magnificent world of Horizon. The stunning visuals and innovative features of the new PS VR2 Sense controllers will fully immerse you in the world of Horizon. In this game, you play as Ryas, a former Shadow Carja who is now looking to reclaim his honor and glory. He must climb the high peaks of Carja Sundom and discover a secret about giant robots. He has the duty to save people from the invasion of robots. During this game, you meet new and familiar characters like Aloy. You can travel in nature as in previous versions.

Horizon Call of the Mountain launch trailer for PS VR2

Horizon Call of the Mountain game is made with PS VR2 hardware in mind. Players can interact with the environment around the game with the special PS VR2 Sense controller and use a high-quality 360-degree camera to see all the scenery of the game. As the new character Ryas, they can navigate the fascinating debate between the homelands of Carja and Nora.

Horizon Call of the Mountain game launch trailer

In Horizon Call of the Mountain, players can conquer huge peaks, fight giant and scary robots, and discover the hidden secrets of the land of Horizon. You need a warrior in the game for the adventure, because you will feel many dangers until the end of the game. Your friends and allies will help you during the missions. Your level of excitement and adrenaline will be doubled from performing various activities such as mountaineering, parkour and shooting with virtual reality.

Horizon Call of the Mountain game Exclusively for the PS VR2 device on date February 22 (March 3, 1401) be released. You can watch the launch trailer of this game at the bottom of the page:

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