The Twitch platform was filtered out

پلتفرم توییچ رفع فیلتر شد

Platform Twitch Which has not been available to Iranian users since yesterday morning and seems to have been filtered, is now available to most users without any problems and it seems that the filter has been removed. Twitch also experienced a one-day filtering in May 1997, and it seems that this issue has been repeated and the problem has been solved for a little over 24 hours.

A few minutes ago, Iranian users on social networks announced the removal of Twitch filtering, and Digito’s follow-up and investigation of this issue by connecting to several different Internet service providers also shows that this service is no longer disrupted. Some users say they still have trouble connecting to Twitch, and the small number of these users indicates that the issue will probably be fixed on their server soon.

In recent times, many internal streamers have used Twitch as their primary platform for streaming games. As of this writing, no official institution or national computer game foundation, as the main custodian of video games in the country, has responded to this Twitch disorder for Iranian users and has not specified the reason. In fact, no institution has spoken about this disorder, which lasted a little over 24 hours, and it is not clear exactly what caused the problem.

It is necessary to mention that Twitch or Steam services from the past to the present are occasionally disrupted for users in the country, but the Twitch service was filtered once in May 1397 for a short time and then the filter was removed.

Twitch is an online service for live video streaming that enables users from all over the world to stream their content live; Most of this content is about gaming, live streaming, and online chat and streaming.

This service was first introduced in 2011 by its parent company, Justin. TV (Justin.tv) split to continue its activities independently and with a focus on video games. The result of the independent activity of this collection was that 3 years later, in August 2014, Amazon bought the new collection for $ 970 million and the initial foundations of today’s Twitch were formed.

Not long ago, another tool used by gamers, Discord, also boycotted the Iranians.

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