The UAE attracts the world’s largest cryptocurrency companies

کدام باربری تهران با کمترین هزینه اسباب کشی منزل  شما را انجام می‌دهد؟

According to a government official United Arab EmiratesThe country is trying to issue federal licenses to service providers Virtual AssetsSome of the world’s largest companies in the field رمزارزها By the end of the first quarter of this year. Companies such as Bainance They are considering more presence in this country.

The official says the UAE intends to create an ecosystem for Crypto Extraction Develop. The official, who did not want to be named because of government policy, added that the Securities and Exchange Commission was in the final stages. Amendment of the Digital Currencies Act To issue a license to set up VASPs.

I have to say VASP It is an institution that operates in the field of virtual assets and offers one or more services such as wallet services, currency trading with market rules, digital currency exchanges, cryptocurrencies and the issuance of payment tokens.

Bainance، The largest digital currency exchange In terms of trading volume, it is one of the companies that intends to have a large presence in the UAE. Global licensing system for companies with virtual assets can help the UAE to compete with other Financial institutions Rival countries including Singapore And Hong Kong Compete.

VASP licenses have already been issued in some UAE financial free zones. According to a government report also seen by Bloomberg, Dubai is the center of several commodities so far 22 licenses Has issued. This is while Abu Dhabi has a global market 6 licenses And the Dubai Silicon Oasis Organization has at least one license. Dubai International Financial Center, the headquarters of most Wall Street banks in the Middle East, currently lacks such licenses.

The UAE conducted a digital asset risk assessment late last year in which 14 organizations in the public sector And 16 institutions in the private sector They participated.

A report last year noted that despite the use of VASPs to participate in Illegal financial schemesCarries high risks, but the government has concluded that appropriate regulation, rather than a complete ban, can reduce such threats.

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