The UAE Orbiter of Hope successfully landed on Mars

The UAE Orbiter of Hope successfully landed on Mars

The UAE “Omid” orbiter, which was launched into space in July this year, successfully entered Mars orbit after tens of millions of kilometers.

Entering the orbit of Mars required speed and the right angle, and the chance of success did not exceed 50%. In the injection phase, which was very stressful for the Emirati people, if the speed exceeded the allowable limit, the orbiter would miss the opportunity to enter the orbit, and if he did not reach the desired speed, he would fall to the surface of the planet.

The success of the $ 200 million UAE project puts the UAE in fifth place after the United States, Russia, the European Union and India Turned Which has launched its spacecraft to Mars.

Omid orbiter to Mars in July this year with the help of the Japanese Mitsubishi “H-IIA” rocket from the “Tanashgima” space center Was thrown. The spacecraft is scheduled to arrive on the Red Planet after 7 seven and just a few days earlier than the US and Chinese spacecraft.

The Omid Orbiter was designed in a joint project with 150 Emirati engineers and specialists from Colorado Boulder, Arizona and Berkeley Universities to study the daily and seasonal changes in the Martian atmosphere that have not been addressed so far. Is. For this purpose, the Orbiter of Hope orbits the Red Planet in an elliptical orbit, which allows it to focus on the overall atmosphere of the planet at greater distances.

The orbiter collects this information using the EMIRS infrared spectrometer, the EMUS ultraviolet spectrometer and the EXI image receiver, and transmits it at speeds between 250 kbps and 1.6 Mbps. The UAE has announced that it will share the received information in open source with more than 200 universities and scientific institutes around the world for free.

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