The United States is purchasing 500 million doses of Corona Pfizer vaccine to donate to 100 countries

آمریکا ۵۰۰ میلیون دوز واکسن کرونا فایزر برای اهدا به ۱۰۰ کشور خریداری می‌کند

US President Joe Biden apparently intends to buy 500 million doses of Corona Pfizer vaccine to help weaker countries and distribute it to about 100 countries over two years.

According to published reports, apparently Is supposed Of these vaccines, 200 million doses will be distributed this year and the next 300 million will be available in the first half of 2022. The goal is said to be to enable richer countries to contribute to the eradication of coronary heart disease worldwide.

The plan appears to be implemented through COVAX, the WHO’s vaccine co-ordinator, which was set up last year to ensure that weaker countries have access to the corona vaccine. Pfizer vaccines are expected to be available in 92 countries and the African Union.

Last week, the White House said it was pursuing plans to distribute the corona vaccine widely and would donate at least 80 million doses of the vaccine by the end of this month. Many are faced with the control of the corona virus.

The news of the purchase and distribution of the Corona Pfizer vaccine comes as the US President arrived in the United Kingdom at the beginning of his first foreign trip. The White House and Pfizer have not yet commented officially on the news. But Joe Biden had previously said in a statement that the United States was working to end the Corona epidemic.

Some informed sources say that the United States will buy the vaccines that are to be distributed among the weaker countries at a lower price. Finally, it remains to be seen whether the vaccine purchase and donation program will be taken seriously.

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