The unveiling of Pure UI; Nokia’s new user interface design language

The unveiling of Pure UI;  Nokia's new user interface design language

Nokia design team from A new user interface design language called Pure UI unveiled This design language is intended for use in Nokia phones as well as other types of products of this brand.

The language is designed to be adaptable, flexible and future-proof. Nokia’s new user interface design language has a clean and minimalist look, which is considered the current leading design. There are several components, starting with templates and guidelines that determine the overall look.

Like any other design language, the developers of this company have created several key elements that determine the overall look and experience. For example, the most important component of the new design, which the developers call the Nokia Pure font, is presented in three modes (thin, standard and bold) and is used on all elements of the user interface. Also, designers have drawn many new icons that look completely flat and light, but whose line thickness can be changed to match the content or device needs.

Pure UI design language

The Nokia team has also prepared standard elements that designers can use to build consistent-looking screens in the shortest possible time.

This new design language also supports dark mode; Of course, with elements and icons that adjust their style accordingly.

Most importantly, in the images released by Nokia itself, you can see that Pure UI is used not only in smartphones, but also in smartwatches, website interfaces, and even smart home devices. But, presumably, this is just a demonstration of the interface’s capabilities and not a hint at the launch of new devices.

Nokia phones are close to the stock Android look, but Nokia needs to put more effort into using Pure UI. However, it is not yet clear when this change will happen.

This new design language will be used in phones and other devices as well. Nokia’s Pure UI design language has powerful components that can be used to build complex web-based dashboards. The interface is designed to scale from small displays to large wall-mounted panels.

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