The Vivo X60 Series will be the first phone with pixel change technology

The Vivo X60 Series will be the first phone with pixel change technology

A source recently revealed interesting and new details about the X60 Vivo triple phone. Apparently, the X60 will be the first phone whose camera uses pixel change technology.

You may already be familiar with pixel shifting technology in digital single-lens or DSLR cameras, but so far no phones have this technology Has not used. Interestingly, the X60, X60 Pro and X60 Plus are currently officially introduced in China, but there is no mention of this technology. The Chinese version of these phones uses the Exynos 1080 chipset and according to rumors, the global version will be powered by the Snapdragon 870. So the March 22 event will be more than a global unveiling for the X60 series.

But what does pixel change technology mean? To answer this question, we must first examine how digital camera sensors work. Most of them use the Bayer model. In this pattern, unlike a display with several sub-pixels of different colors, a single pixel on a sensor makes up only one color. The red, green, and blue pixels are usually arranged in this pattern to form a three-color checkered board.

But this creates big gaps in color data. Green channels cover 50% of the image and red and blue channels only 25%. However, interpolation is used to compensate for the gaps. The image below can provide a visual understanding of the system called interpolation.

There is also another way to do this. Move the sensor around once and up and down once for each pixel. However, the sensor will fill the gaps and create 100% coverage in all color channels. The image below shows an ideal example.

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The method used by Google in the Pixel 3 phone to move the sensor depended on the natural vibration of the hand. In this method, several images are taken and then the final image is aligned by intelligent processing algorithms. But according to the news, Vivo does not seem to use this method. Instead, the company will use Gimbal’s unique system to move the sensor, which is more accurate than the previous method.

There will certainly be a detailed description of this phone at next week’s event, but the current details show that the X60 will take eight Raw images, select the best image and use the data from the other 7 images to fill the gaps. In the final image, each pixel contains real color data instead of two interpolation channels. However, the images will show more detail and have better color accuracy.

Finally, it should be noted that pixel change should not be confused with sensor change, which is a stabilizing method for images.

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