The waiting list for the new version of Microsoft Bing has been removed

The waiting list for the new version of Microsoft Bing has been removed

It seems that Microsoft The waiting list for the new version of the Bing chatbot has deleted So now anyone can register and use the search engine based on the GPT-4 language model.

Currently, if you register to access the Bing chatbot, it will be unlocked immediately. This has been tested on multiple Microsoft accounts. In all cases, access to the search engine was granted immediately with email confirmation.

If you are looking to use the latest version of Bing, to the site bing.com/new Visit and select the join Waitlist option and log in with your Microsoft account. By going through these steps, you will have instant access to the Bing chatbot.

Has Microsoft completely removed the waiting list or are we dealing with a bug?

“During the preview period, we’re doing a variety of tests that may speed up access to the new version of the Bing chatbot for some users,” said Caitlin Rolston, director of communications at Microsoft. We are still in preview and you can sign up through Bing.com.

The change in the waiting list for the new version of Bing came a day after Microsoft officially confirmed that the new version of its search engine was based on OpenAI’s new language model GPT-4 from the beginning.

Bing waiting list

In addition, Microsoft plans to hold a new conference on artificial intelligence in the coming hours. At the conference, Microsoft is expected to explain the integration of its AI with Office applications and how ChatGPT AI works in applications such as Teams, Word and Outlook. It should be mentioned that earlier this week, Microsoft added the Bing chatbot to the sidebar of the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft first announced a new version of its Bing AI chatbot last month and opened a waiting list on the same day. The company allowed people in gradually, with some restrictions on the number of questions you could ask per session and per day. Currently, Bing users can ask 15 questions per session and up to 150 questions per day.

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