The web version of Twitter was also equipped with the ability to display full images

نسخه وب توییتر نیز به قابلیت نمایش کامل تصاویر مجهز شد

After Twitter made it possible for Android and iOS users to fully view images without having to tap on them, web-based users can now access the same feature.

With this feature, Twitter users can get the full preview image. Twitter since late last year Testing This is a new feature and is now available to iOS and Android users.

Twitter has been making changes to the way it manages and displays photos since last year. Meanwhile, some users have noticed that Twitter’s automatic cropping algorithm detects white faces more accurately than colored faces, resulting in a more accurate cut. Although Twitter found out after its analysis that the automatic cutting algorithm does not have such an approach, it has now disabled it.

Twitter’s new change in the way it displays its images will apparently greatly improve the user experience. For example, with this update, users will find it easier to see the full images and no longer need to tap on the images to view them in full.

In addition, “Jin Wang” application researcher In his recent tweet He points out that the American social networking giant is planning to introduce a “content alert” feature that will add some more tags to content creators. He then posted a picture of this feature, which is similar to the Instagram inappropriate video alert feature.

Twitter also unveiled its cryptocurrency team in another effort to act as a science hub in the blockchain field and pursue the platform’s future strategies in the digital currency market.

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