The White House decision to solve the global chip shortage problem is becoming a problem for Samsung

The White House decision to solve the global chip shortage problem is becoming a problem for Samsung

The White House recently met with some of the largest semiconductor companies to discuss the global chip shortage crisis and come up with a solution. While the details of this meeting are completely confidential, it seems that Samsung will face a difficult path.

Based on Published reportsUS President Joe Biden has explicitly stated that he wants semiconductor companies to make their chips in the United States instead of China. This becomes a big problem for Samsung. The company has to choose between two important and large markets.

Samsung currently operates a chip plant in Austin, Texas. However, it is said that he is planning to build another factory in the United States. According to industry observers, the Korean company is unsure of the decision. However, it seems that following the controversy that has arisen, Samsung must immediately decide to continue on its path.

Since Samsung Chairman’s CEO Lee Jae-young is currently in prison, the Korean company can hardly make decisions, and the lack of a decision-maker has created difficult conditions for the company.

One of the main goals of the recent White House meeting is to build new infrastructure for chip production in the United States. Joe Biden wants all semiconductor companies in the United States to continue production. On the one hand, this move strengthens the supply chain of American chips, and on the other hand, it hits China. At the same time, Samsung is under pressure and must quickly choose one of the two paths ahead.

In addition, the Korean government is urging domestic chipmakers to expand their local production. The country is reportedly preparing a comprehensive package to encourage investment in the foundry sector. All of this makes it more difficult for Samsung to make decisions.

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