The winner of the free space trip lottery was announced by Virgin Galactic

برنده قرعه‌کشی سفر رایگان به فضا توسط ویرجین گلکتیک مشخص شد

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Company has announced the winner of the Omaze Award. This lucky winner will receive two free space travel tickets.

The Richard Branson space company announced in the summer its program in partnership with the Omaze platform, which allows people to participate in the space travel lottery for free. now announced The winner of this lottery is a health coach from Antigua and Barbuda who intends to give a second ticket to his daughter, who is also an astrophysics student.

He said of the award:

I have always had a lifelong love of flying and a fascination with space, and it really is a dream for me. I hope I can share this experience with my daughter, so that together we can inspire the next generation to pursue our dreams.

Although the lottery was free, participants were more likely to donate to a charity called Space for Humanity, which was set up to increase access to spaceflight. Virgin Galactic estimates that this will raise about $ 1.7 million in funding for the Citizen Astronaut program.

In 2021, a new era of private and civilian space missions began. This year, Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos and Virgin Galactic Branson have done significant work in the space industry because of their wealth. SpaceX, a space company owned by Ilan Musk, also did a lot of space missions for NASA.

But wealthy space companies have tried their best to make the space travel experience possible for people who can’t afford it. For SpaceX, it sent four ordinary citizens, including the founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments, into space in the summer on a mission called Inspiration4.

Winner of the Virgin Galactic Race In addition to the space ticket, she also won a tour of the American Spaceport Airport in New Mexico, but it is not yet clear when the trip will begin.

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