The winners of the 2021 European Wildlife Photographer Competition have been announced

برندگان مسابقه عکاس حیات وحش اروپا ۲۰۲۱ اعلام شدند

The European Wildlife Photography Competition is one of the most popular nature photography competitions organized annually by the German Society for Nature Photography (GDT). Now the winners of the 2021 competition have been determined.

the door This year’s competitionThe jury had to determine the winners in eight main groups out of 19,000 photos submitted from 36 countries. These groups include “birds, mammals, other animals, plants and fungi, landscapes, the underwater world, people and nature, and nature studios.”

In addition, the next generation of photographers received awards in the categories of “Young Photographers up to 14 years old and Young Photographers 17 to 15 years old”.

As last year, the awards ceremony was held online and all the winning photographs will be displayed at the German Horse Museum in Verdun. This exhibition will be held on December 7, 2021 (December 7).

In this competition, the first person to be recognized as the main winner of the competition will receive a cash prize of 3,000 euros and the Olympus symbol. This year’s award went to Angel Fittor, who captured a photograph of a calm mermaid.

First ranked photo. Photographer: Angel Fitor from Spain, Calm Sea Brides

Fitor is a Spanish photographer, journalist and writer who called his photograph “Medusa Ballet” and tried to show people’s awareness of the ecological disasters that affect marine life. He has long dealt with the problems of our planet’s aquatic ecosystems and believes that the power of photography can be used to make the necessary changes and address environmental problems. Here are some of the winners:

Below is a gallery of other selected images that you can view:

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