The winners of the 2022 Audubon Photography Contest have been announced

برندگان مسابقه عکاسی 2022 Audubon اعلام شدند

Thirteenth period of Photography Competition Annual of the National Association of Arts (Audubon) was held and you can see its winners below. In this contest, a spectacular collection of photos focusing on Behavior of birds are displayed.

Founded more than a century ago (1905), the National Bird Society includes hundreds of different chapters throughout the United States, and its main goal is to protect birds and their habitats. Its name, fromJohn James Adban» Inspired, famous for his paintings of birds in the 19th century.

Audubon Photography Contest Winners

Image above The main prize winner of this year’s photography competition It shows the stunning moment of a white-tailed kite that has just caught a rat and feeds it to its chicks. Jack Xie, its amateur photographer, explains that he studied the behavior of this bird of prey for three years before taking this photo.

He explains:

“It is difficult to coordinate the performance, the distance, the weather and the light and the angles of the people with each other. Not to mention that they may move behind the trees at any moment. “The transfer of food happened in a fraction of a second.”

Photography Competition

The photo above was selected as the “Professional Award Winner” and shows a White-tailed Ptarmigan in Jasper National Park, Canada.

Photography Competition

Another striking photo taken by photographer Ankur Khurana shows an intimate and beautiful moment between two crows. These birds are known for their long-term loyalty and often treat their fellows with kindness. The photographer explains:

“As we drove away, the crows continued to perform on the ground and in flight. So far, we have seen crows and proof of their intelligence several times, but a better example of this confrontation with crows cannot be found.”

In the following, you can see some other photos that participated in this photography contest:

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