The world’s best Samsung 3nm node process client

The world's best Samsung 3nm node process client

Samsung will use its most advanced manufacturing process, the 3nm node, to manufacture chips to meet the needs of four well-known technology companies, which are known as the main customers of this product. The race to overtake TSMC as the world’s largest chip foundry continues, even as geopolitical conflicts shake up the old economic balance.

  • Samsung’s 3nm chip mass production will begin this week

Samsung produces 3nm chips for Nvidia, Baidu, Qualcomm and IBM

Quoted from TechSpotSamsung has been chosen as a manufacturing partner by four major technology companies in the world. Nvidia, Baidu, Qualcomm and IBM will use the South Korean company’s latest 3nm manufacturing process to bring their future products to market, while Samsung hopes to gain ground against TSMC in the chip foundry race and win more customers for This new node provides itself.

Samsung will use the recently unveiled 3nm node from early 2024 to supply chips to major companies in large quantities. These products are set to be used in a wide range of applications, from chips for smartphones to Baidu using 3nm for its cloud data centers.

The worlds best Samsung 3nm node process client The world's best Samsung 3nm node process client 2

Samsung started mass production of 3nm chips in June. The company claims that their latest manufacturing technology brings significant improvements to energy efficiency (45 percent) and chip performance (23 percent) compared to the previous generation’s 5nm node. The second generation of the 3nm process is already in development, as Samsung says there is still plenty of room to improve efficiency and performance.

The peak of Samsung and TSMC competition is coming

While the company is making progress in the 3nm class, Samsung is the second largest chip foundry behind TSMC, effectively nearly tripling Samsung’s share. TSMC is working to expand its manufacturing reach outside of Taiwan, with new factories on US soil. Meanwhile, Samsung now has an international business approach as they have manufacturing plants in South Korea (Gihong, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek), USA (Austin, Taylor) and China (Xian).

Samsung is well known for leading the memory business, but the current geopolitical situation could help them become a rival chip manufacturing superpower to TSMC. Many “big tech” companies are also seeking new partnerships in an effort to reduce their reliance on China-based manufacturers amid growing diplomatic and economic friction between Washington and Beijing.

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