The world’s first 3D printing school was built in Malawi, Africa

اولین مدرسه با چاپ سه بعدی جهان در کشور مالاوی آفریقا ساخته شد

The British CDC Group, in partnership with the international construction company LafargeHolcim, used its new technology to build the first 3D printing school in Malawi, Africa.

14Trees is a joint venture between the British CDC Group and LafargeHolcim to solve the problem of home shortage in Africa help. The team uses a large extruder to build the walls of their structures, and then skilled workers add items such as windows, doors and roofs.

In addition to home shortages, UNICEF says Malawi is facing severe school shortages and it is estimated that it will take about 70,000 years to build 36,000 classrooms in the country. But 14Trees believes it can fill that gap in about 10 years with 3D printing.

The first 14Trees school was built in the Salima area, and it took 18 hours to print the walls. These walls were later moved to a village in the Yambi area and completed. The school started operating on June 21 (June 31) and now hosts students.

“We used to have 12 schools in the Yambi area, but now we have 13 3D printing schools with this school,” said Julianna Chicandilla, a Malawian education consultant. In order to increase the educational resources for children, we need at least four more primary schools in the Yambi area, but in total, about 50 schools are needed for all the residents of this area. I was surprised by the quality of construction of this building. Its durability and design provide students with space and facilities that did not exist before. “Teaching and learning can now take place inside and outside the classroom.”

The CDC group claims that with this method, it can build much more efficiently and reduce its environmental footprint by 50%. 14Trees launched in Africa late last year and recently launched its first affordable home in 12 hours.

With the construction of the first 3D printing school in Malawi, 14Trees will now pursue similar projects in Kenya and Zimbabwe. There is also a 3D printing school in Madagascar that will be built later in the year.

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