The world’s first 500 Hz monitor was introduced in collaboration with Asus and Nvidia

اولین مانیتور 500 هرتزی دنیا با همکاری ایسوس و انویدیا معرفی شد

Asus has partnered with Nvidia to build a monitor that uses technology G-SYNC It has the fastest modernization rate in the world. This product with Refresh rate of 500 Hz Comes under the name ROG Swift 500 Hz and is useful for e-sports players.

The Asus ROG Swift monitor was the first product to introduce 360 ​​Hz G-SYNC technology to e-sports players. Now, in another partnership with Nvidia, the company has updated the display to an update rate of 500 Hz. Has delivered.

New Asus Panel Monitor 24 inch TN It has a maximum resolution of 1080p. The main feature of this product is the refresh rate, which is presented on the most popular monitor size in the field of E-Sports. ROG Swift 500 Hz Updates its data 500 times per second using high-end graphics cards.

Asus monitor is for competitive games

This monitor is also out of mode G-Sync Esports And technology Reflex Analyzer supports. Asus apparently builds its product from scratch with competitive games in mind, and the TN panel helps the device have maximum motion sharpness. Nvidia Reflex Analyzer technology also allows the user to measure system-wide latency when using Nvidia Reflex mice and GeForce GPUs. Of course, if the games themselves support this technology, the amount of latency will be much lower.

ROG Swift 500 Hz monitor with high speed and lowest response rate can be the best option to do Competitive games Including CS: GO, Valorant, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. There is no word yet on the price and release date of this device, but it is expected that more information about this product will be published in the coming weeks and months.

The unveiling was part of Nvidia’s program for Computex 2022. The company also announced its new solution for cooling the GPU with liquid.

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