The world’s first automatic grenade launcher was introduced in the size of a conventional rifle

اولین نارنجک‌انداز خودکار دنیا در اندازه‌ای شبیه تفنگ‌های معمولی معرفی شد

The German company “Rheinmetall” has unveiled a new hand grenade launcher called Squad Support Weapon 40 or for short SSW40 Is called. This product is almost the same weight and size as other offensive weapons and has been introduced as the world’s first automatic grenade launcher.

Grenade launchers are commonly used to launch high-caliber ammunition, and their use in the past required a special team and equipment to carry the device. But with the advancement of technology, these parts have also become smaller and smaller. Now Rhine Metal with SSW40 has reached a point where grenade launchers can be used Like a normal gun Carried and easily used.

The SSW40 grenade launcher kicks less

Rhine Metall claims to reduce the kick of this weapon and uses the automatic kick adjustment system to fire 40 mm low acceleration ammunition. The SSW40 still has to sit on its shoulder to fire, but with its grenade launcher, it acts like an assault rifle. The company also claims that SSW40 The first automatic grenade launcher Is the world; This means that the firing will continue until you release the finger from the trigger or the trigger is finished.

This weapon can be in Range 900 meters Throw grenades and even blow up your ammunition in the air. The SSW40 can also work with medium acceleration (MV) ammunition developed by RhineMetal. The company says their ammunition is capable of generating light, smoke, sound and passing through doors, and can counter tanks.

Rhine Metal is confident that their new ammunition will last a year 2023 Supplied and SSW40 can be useful against medium weight armored vehicles. The cannon of this grenade launcher can be changed quickly in asymmetric battles and even in close combat.

The SSW40 grenade launcher is designed for air support with accessories including laser modules, fire control systems and infrared programmers. Rhine Metal recently from one Advanced and deadly battle tanks Had also unveiled.

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